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River City Girls 2: How to Defeat Provie (Boss Fight)



River City Girls 2: How to Defeat Provie (Boss Fight)

Kyoko and Miskao will be encountered by Goons and Family Members of Yakuza after the events that have taken part in the previous game. Yakuza’s other family member and their goons will hunt for you in the River City and one of the early bosses that you will get to fight is Provie who is a Street Dancer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Provie in River City Girls 2.

Defeating Provie

Players will encounter Provie in a Dance Battle arena and Provie’s move set is based on her freestyle dancing moves. She will be using her legs to hit you and move around the arena. As she will be using her legs, you will have to hit her and press the block button to block her moves and then hit them again but you will only be able to block the kicks that do not have elements coming out of them. She will also be taunting you by showing off to the crowd so take an advantage of her showing off and hit her with a combo from behind to deal damage.

Once you have depleted his first bar of HP, she will start running around in the arena with different elements coming out of her body. Try to dodge it by jumping and moving around and when she stops, aggress her with your moves to deal damage. The robots on each side of the arena will also be activated at this point and they will shoot a fire wave in the arena one by one. Their eyes will show a laser in the arena which indicates that they are about to throw the Fire wave so get ready to jump over the wave to dodge it. The fight will become harder now as you will have to fight Provie as well as dodge the waves of robots as well. Provie will also use her legs with elements to hit you so back off when you see her doing her move set because the element’s moves cannot be blocked and they will deal damage to you. So, when she stops, only then strike her with your combo to deplete her second bar of HP.

Once you have depleted her second bar of HP, she will begin to do the fire moves with her legs so make your distance from her while she is doing that move because the fire will deal extra damage to you. She will increase her leg moves with different types of elements and whenever she stops, aggress her with Heavy attacks to deal more damage rather than the basic light attacks. Hit him with a couple of Heavy attacks and then back off and dodge the fire waves that robots are shooting. After repeating these techniques a couple of times, you will be able to Knockout Provie in the Boss Fight.

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