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River City Girls 2: How to Defeat Ken (Boss Fight)



ken in river city girls 2

Kyoko and Miskao will be encountered by Goons and Family Members of Yakuza after the events that have taken part in the previous game. Yakuza’s other family member and their goons will hunt for you in the River City and the first boss that you will get to fight is Ken whose sister was Sabuko and she was defeated by Kyoko and Misako.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Ken in River City Girls 2.

Defeating Ken

Ken will be taking revenge for Sabuko and he will encounter Kyoko in a theater. Ken has three health bars and with every bar you deplete, he will change his abilities. At the start of the fight, he will have basic moves of hitting fists but he will also be jumping and dashing around in the arena. Players can easily deplete the first bar as he will only be hitting fists that can be blocked. Go close to Ken and use Heavy attacks to deal more damage but he will get away by jumping far so if you want to hold him for longer then you can use the basic Light Attacks which will do little damage but you can do a combo of light attacks and then end it with a Heavy attack to deal a great amount of damage.

Once you have depleted his first bar of health, his bodyguards will come on the stage with barricades and light-up machine gun fires on you. Only one side has a gap so make sure to quickly get into the gap to dodge the bullets because they cannot be blocked. He will come down after the bullets have stopped and you just need to repeat the combos to deal damage. He will jump around and dash but he will also crouch and ask for help from his bodyguards. His bodyguards will come running to assist him from the opposite side to take him away. You can block his bodyguards from dealing damage to you by holding down the block button or you can also jump over them or move out of their way. The bodyguards will take Ken away and then Ken will drop bombs on your location from above. You will see a blue mark on the floor and when it turns red a bomb will drop on that location so if you see the blue mark of the target at your location, move out of the way. He will drop multiple bombs so dodge them and he will return to the battle.

He will keep doing these attacks until you deplete his second HP bar as well. After that, his bodyguards will come on the stage and light up the machine gun fires. Go t the gap where the bullets are not raining on you to dodge them and wait for Kenny to come to fight. Once you have depleted more of his HP, he will go crazy and start to shoot his gun. There will also be a small gap in his fires so use the gap to dodge the bullets. When you deal damage to him again, he will call his bodyguards, and then you will have to dodge the bombs when they have taken him away. Once he is back again in the fight, finish him by hitting him with combos and heavy attacks.

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