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River City Girls 2: How to Recruit Enemies



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River City Girls 2 is an Action- Fighting game with a Beat-em up playstyle. It is a sequel to the first original game of River City Girls and it also has some mechanics of the previous game as well, like Recruiting Enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to recruit enemies in River City Girls 2.

Recruiting Enemies

River City Girls 2 is all about fighting enemies in different locations on the map. You will go to different locations on the map and the enemies will come for you. Defeating enemies is very straightforward. You will have to mash the attack button to unleash moves and combo moves onto the enemies to take them down. Although, some fights can be tough when more enemies come from the flank or push onto you. You will be able to block their attacks as well as land heavy attacks on them to deal more damage.

When you are about to clear a scene from the enemies, the last enemy in the scene will ask for your mercy and you will see the icon of hands on the enemy. It means that the enemy is asking for your mercy and would like to join your crew. To recruit the enemy, you will have to go near the enemy to hold him and then press the L2 or R2 button to recruit the enemy. The enemy will be added to your crew and it will be showing above on the screen with the amount of HP it has.

The advantage of recruiting enemies from every scene is that you will be able to call for assistance when you need it in the fight. To call the recruited enemy, you will have to press the L2 or R2 button to call the last recruited enemy. The recruited enemy will attack other enemies and then return back. When it goes back, its health will start to regenerate.

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