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River City Girls 2 Blueprints: Locations and Collectible Guide



River City Girls 2: Where to Find All Blueprints

River City Girls 2 is an exciting game filled with hidden collectibles, including Blueprints scattered throughout the game world. These valuable items can be found in various locations, adding an extra layer of exploration and challenge for players.

Blueprint Collectibles in River City Girls 2

Among the sought-after collectibles in River City Girls 2 are the Blueprints, which are typically found in elevated areas. By collecting all the Blueprints scattered across the map, players will unlock a special challenge called “An Enigmatic Note.”

Blueprint Locations

Crosstown: The journey begins in the high school in Kyoko. After exiting the school, you’ll embark on an adventure through different areas of River City. However, don’t overlook the hidden collectibles. Here are the Blueprint locations to complete the challenge:

Blueprint Location #1: School’s Auditorium

Head to the School’s Auditorium and spot the students rehearsing. Climb onto the stage and jump onto the table on the left side. From there, leap towards the Balcony on the left side, where you’ll find the first Blueprint waiting for you.

Blueprint Location #2: Downtown Back Alley

Make your way to the Downtown area and locate the Back Alley. To reach the second Blueprint, jump onto the Blue Sofa and perform a wall jump on the wall in front. Then, jump backward to land on a wire. Walk left along the wire until you reach the rooftop of a building, where the Blueprint awaits.

Blueprint Location #3: Crosstown Food Court

Visit the Food Court in Crosstown to find the third Blueprint. Interact with the bench at the front, pick it up, and place it in front of the shop. Use the bench as a platform to reach the ledge of the shop and ascend to the higher level of the Food Court. Head towards the right side to discover the third Blueprint.

Blueprint Location #4: Flatirons Abandoned Trainyard

Journey to the Abandoned Trainyard in the Flatirons area. Proceed to the right side, enter the next area in Flatirons, and approach the wire fence. Then, turn left and jump onto the building to return to the Abandoned Trainyard. Look for the last Blueprint on the rail in front of you.

Keep your eyes peeled and explore every nook and cranny of River City to locate these valuable Blueprints. Collecting them will not only enrich your gaming experience but also bring you closer to completing the challenge and uncovering the mysteries that await in River City Girls 2.

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