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Disney Dremlight Valley: How to Find Pua (Pet Pig)



Disney Dremlight Valley: How to Find Pua (Pet Pig)

Players will meet many characters from Disney and Pixar in Disney Dreamlight Valley Game and all of these characters will have different quests in which you’ll be helping them with different things. After you’ve unlocked Moana’s Realm and brought her to the Valley. You’ll be given a task to find her Pet Pig named Pua.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Pua in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dremlight Valley: How to Find Pua (Pet Pig)

Finding Pua

Pua is a Pet Pig of Moana that is been missing after the Forgetting. Moana has lost her somewhere in the Valley and she’ll tell you to find her pet in a quest named “The Search for Pua”. After talking to Moana, follow her to the Fishing Boat and she’ll tell you to find Pua’s tracks in the Peaceful Meadows. Go to Peaceful Meadows and go to the pond in the middle and you’ll find Pua’s tracks. Talk to Moana again and she’ll tell you to search near the Restaurant.

Go to Remy’s Restaurant and you’ll find some leftovers. Report back to Moana and then go to the Forest of Valor to find more tracks. You’ll find Pua trapped in the Night Thorns. Free Pua from the Night Thorns by removing the Night Thorns with your magic and a Leader Shard will drop on the ground. Grab the Leader Shard and give it to Moana to complete the quest. Pua will be found and Moana will thank you in the last conversation of the quest.

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