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Dordogne: Chapter 4: The Top of the World – Walkthrough



Dordogne: Chapter 4: The Top of the World – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 4th Chapter: The Top of the World of Dordogne.

Chapter 4: The Top of the World – Walkthrough

Go out of the Cave and go inside the Kitchen to make Tea. Interact with the Stove and pick up the letter in front. Now, interact with the Kettle and fill it up with water. Place the Kettle back and power it on to boil the water. Now, pick any cup from the shelf and pick up the tea of your choice. Add the tea to the Tea Infuser and then place the Tea Infuser in the cup. Pick up the kettle and pour it in the water and your tea will be ready. As the tea would be hot so, you will get another objective to find a way into the attic.

Go up the stairs and interact with the door next to your room. Get the key from the top of the door and insert it inside the Keyhole to open the door. Go up the attic and you will find train tracks all over the attic. There will be a control pad on the couch to start the train but it will require a code. Now, you will have to find a way to make the train work. Go ahead in the attic and lift up the train track’s bridge and you will find four tapes. Each tape will have a number on it. You need to order them correctly to get the code for the control pad.

Chapter 4: The Top of the World – Walkthrough

Now, enter the code and the train will work. Go near the train and there will be a Walkman Recorder on the train. Insert the mic and headphone line in the recorder and you will get the flashback. Pick up the Walkman Recorder from the train and record the sound of the train by looking at the train. After that, you need to take photos of the train and the moving lights on the ceiling. As you take photos, a cutscene will start and after the cutscene, go inside the cave to repair the Kayak.

Interact with the Kayak and you will get to repair it by fixing the holes. First, you need to apply glue and then place the matching wood design on the holes. Once you have placed all three wood designs on the Kayak, you will get to paint it. Use the brush to paint the Kayak and in the end, mark your handprint on the Kayak. After repairing the Kayak, you will go to the Riverbanks to test out the Kayak. Interact with the Kayak to go to the beach ahead with Nora.

Stop the Kayak at the beach and you will get to see a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will unlock the Picnic & Cliff location on the map but as you wake up the basket and the cutlery items will fly away. The basket will be at the edge of the beach and the cutlery items will be in the river. Go up the path and jump down in the river. Now, you need to dive in the water on the circle spots in the river to get the cutlery items. Once you have dived down on all three spots, you will get all the cutlery items.

As you go back to Nora after getting all the cutlery items, another cutscene will start in which you will see a shadow in the forest. Go to the forest and climb up the rocks to go up the mountain. You need to keep following the path up on the mountain and jump through all of the rocks and platforms to reach the top. As you get to the top, you will get to meet the thief from the Market. He will throw a bag in the river and after watching the cutscene, you need to jump in the river again and dive into the circle spot to get the bag.

dordogne chap 4

Talk to Nora after getting the bag and you will get to select the options for your experience at this picnic spot. Select the options and then you will have to control the Kayak back to the Riverbanks. As you get back home, you will get to solve the puzzle of the thief from the bag you got. Open up the bag and you will get a map and different shapes of pictures. You need to place the pictures in similar shapes on the map. Look for the white outline to judge the shapes and then place the pictures on the map.

Now, you need to draw the lines on the pictures to find out the location of the thief. Draw the first line from Pebbles to Hot Air Ballon and then draw the line from Boat to Thief’s photo. The lines will cross at a point and as you select the cross-sectional point, you will get to know the location of the thief.

dordogne chap 4

After finding the thief’s location, climb up the tree and select the options to unveil the area. You will get to communicate with the thief and as you climb down the tree, you will get out of the flashback and the chapter will conclude.

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