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Dordogne- Chapter 1: The House – Walkthrough



Dordogne- Chapter 1: The House – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 1st Chapter: The House of Dordogne.

Chapter 1: The House – Walkthrough

Chapter 1 begins in your car and you will be introduced to a few game mechanics. As your phone rings, you need to click on the bag and then your phone to view the message. Reply back to Fabrice and read the messages. Go through the cutscene and you will reach Dordogne. Go to the fence door and Interact with the Letter Box on the right side of the fence door. Grab the ads and the letter from the letter box and you will see a Key in the letter box.

To get the Key, Hold the Letter Box and shake the mouse to break free the Letter Box. Now, rotate the Letter Box and interact with the screws to use the screwdriver to open the Letter Box. Obtain the key from the letterbox and open the fence gate. Now, go towards the main door of the house and open the door with the Key. You need to insert the key perfectly in the keyhole and then rotate the lock to open the door.

Chapter 1: The House – Walkthrough

As you enter the house, you will have to find a light. There will be a candle on the right side so click on it. Now, interact with the matchstick and light the matchstick to light the candle. Click on the Pen just to the side of the Matchstick and remove its Cap. There will be a note inside the pen. Take it out and read it. You will enter a flashback and you will get to play as a little Mimi. Go inside the House and follow Nora to your room upstairs.

Interact with the suitcase and empty your suitcase by placing all the belongings into the drawers. The last thing that you will get from the suitcase will be the Map of Dordogne and you will unlock the Grandma’s House location. Now, go down the stairs and turn right to go into the Kitchen Nora will tell you to find a piece of paper in the Living Room and draw something. Go to the living room opposite of the kitchen and go to the left side to find a Binder.

Chapter 1: The House – Walkthrough

Interact with it to start drawing and once the drawing is completed, go through the dialogues and options. You will get to see your map and the objectives to do and after the tutorial, you will get out of the flashback the chapter will conclude.

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