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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Locations of the Mystical Rifts



Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Locations of the Mystical Rifts

Dreamlight Valley is full of magic and surprises and as players progress in the main questline of all the characters of the Valley, they will get to Unveil more surprises. One of the weird magic things that you get to see after unlocking Nala and progressing in her quest line is Mystical Rifts. There are a number of mystical Rifts that are spread across the Valley and they all are tied to the main questline of Nala. In order to complete the questline, you would have to find all of them and place the accurate Lioness Statues near them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the locations of the Mystical Rifts in the Valley and what are they for.

All Locations of the Mystical Rifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The very first time that players will get to discover the Mystical Rift is in the quest named “Fishy Business”. While completing the quest, Nala will ask you to find the Lioness Statues in three different locations of the Valley. When you get to Dazzle Beach and dig out the first Lioness Statue, a Mystical Rift will appear in the water. It will be a Shining Purple Light in the water and you will get to take a photo with it as well. Now, in order to simplify the locations of the Rifts, you can find them in the following locations:

  • Skull Rock on the Dazzle Beach biome.
  • Under the Bridge in the Frosted Heights biome.
  • In the River in the Glade of Trust biome.

Keep in the notice that these are all the locations where you will find the rest of the Lioness Statues for Nala.

What Mystical Rifts for?

Once you have found the Statues, you need to keep on progressing in her questline and once you have reached Friendship Level 10 with Nala, you will get to start the quest named “Here and There and Back Again”. During this quest, you will get to craft Aquamarine, Citrine, and Amethyst Lioness Statues. After crafting them, you will have to place the crafted Lioness Statues near the correct Mystical Rifts. There are three Mystical Rifts in the Valley and you need to place the crafted Lioness Statues in the following pattern.

  • Dazzle Beach – Aquamarine Lioness Statue
  • Glade of Trust – Citrine Lioness Statue
  • Frosted Heights – Amethyst Lioness Statue

Once you have placed the Lioness Statues at their designated spots, you will be able to progress and finish the questline of Nala.

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