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How to Get Organic Fiber in Barotrauma



How to Get Organic Fiber in Barotrauma

Barotrauma is a Survival-Horror Submarine simulator game in which you will get to control the submarine to survive through the horrors that take place on different seas. In order to survive the horrors, you will be needing Armor and Guns. However, these things don’t come easily as they are required to be crafted at Fabricator. Most of the Armor and Medical supplies will be crafted at Fabricator throughout the game and the most required material for these items is Organic Fiber.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Organic Fiber in Barotrauma.

How to Get Organic Fiber in Barotrauma

Organic Fiber is a crafting material in Barotrauma that is used in a number of crafting recipes. It can be either used in the making of Armor as well as the making of Medical Supplies such as Bandages. Now, in order to get Organic Fiber, you will have to gather Fiber Plants. The Fiber Plants are found on the rocks in the caves in the sea. The Fiber Plant is the main resource from which players will get Organic Fiber. Deconstructing the Fiber Plants at the Deconstructor will produce Organic Fiber.

However, gathering Fiber Plants is a difficult task on its own. As these plants do not show up on Sonar as well as the Mineral Scanner so, it is difficult to locate them. The only way to find and get them is to go out of the submarine and check the rocks in the caves. After finding them, you will be able to grab them by your hand and it is the only way to get them (might change in future updates).

Once you have Fiber Plants, go to the Deconstructor in your submarine and deconstruct the Fiber Plant one by one to get Organic Fiber. 1x Fiber Plant will deconstruct into 3x Organic Fiber in 5 Seconds. If you are running low on Organic Fiber and you do have extra outfits or armor then you can also deconstruct them to get Organic Fiber.

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