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Barotrauma: Best Components for Reactor



Nuclear Reactor

Barotrauma is a survival horror game that will let you control the submarine to explore the deeper and darker regions of oceans in the world. Since the submarines are pretty big so, you will get to allocate your crew or even real players in Co-op and Multiplayer modes. You will have to move the submarine a bit quicker in times of crisis like a monster outbreak in a submarine or encountering a number of sea monsters outside of the submarine but it can be tricky because it can meltdown your reactor pretty quickly.

So, if you are having a problem adjusting the reactor, you can put up the components and do their settings properly to not worry about the reactor often. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how you can get the components and how you can set them up in the reactor in Barotrauma.

Getting Required Components for Reactor

The nuclear reactor of the submarine is an extremely important part of the submarine and the job of an engineer is to maintain the temperature of the reactor/ However, at a time of crisis, you cannot let your crewmate sitting inside the reactor cabin all the time so, what you want to do here is you need to gather the two following components.

  1. 1x Regex Find Component
  2. 1x Greater Component

Now, both of these components can be found randomly in the storage cabins in the submarine but if you have not found them then you can grab any other components that you find and deconstruct them to get the materials to make these components. You will also be required a Screwdriver and 5 wires of any color for setting up the components with the reactor.

To make the components, you need FGPA Circuits and Tins. Both of them will be obtained by deconstructing any 3 components that you find on the submarine. After that, make sure to have 1 unit of plastic and 1 unit of rubber because they will be used to make wires. Now, after getting the materials, go to the Fabricator and place the FGPA Circuits and Tins to make the Reg Ex Component and Greater Component. Now, use Plastic and Rubber to make 5 wires of any color.

making Regex find component

Setting Up Components with the Reactor

Once you have the required materials, you need to set up the components near the reactor. To place the Components, you need to equip the Screwdriver and a Component and then press the Right Click to pull up the placing option. Now, press the Left Click to place the selected component. You just have to place the other component by doing the same steps. Once you have placed both of the components, you will have to set up their values.

For the Greater Component, set the following values.

  • OUTPUT: 100
  • TIME FRAME: 0.00

For the Reg Ex Component, set the following values.

  • OUTPUT: 100
  • EXPRESSION: ^[1-4]?.?.?.$

Now, this expression is very important and it has to be the exact expression. What it does is that it will automatically change the fusion reaction percentage on the basis of the temperature of the reactor. So, you will not have to allocate your Engineer over the reactor room all the time.

set expression on Regex find component

Rewiring Components to Reactor

Before it works properly, you will still have to wire the components to the Nuclear Reactor. Equip the Screwdriver and hover your mouse over the Greater Component and press the E Button. Equip the wire on the other hand and drag it to connect it to the “SIGNAL_IN_1” connector. Now, press ESC to exit and hover your mouse over the reactor and press the E Button. You will see the other end of that wire. Connect the other end with the “LOAD_VALUE_OUT” connector.

Now, you need to follow the same steps of joining the other wires and connecting them to the following connectors.

WIRE 2: [Greater Component] “SIGNAL_IN_2” > [Nuclear Reactor] “POWER_VALUE_OUT”

WIRE 3: [Greater Component] “SIGNAL_OUT” > [Nuclear Reactor] “SET_TURBINEOUTPUT”



connecting wires to reactor from components

After setting up the wires, the component will work properly and keep your reactor safe from melting down and exploding.

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