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Barotrauma – How to Get Toolbelt




Barotrauma is a Survival Horror game that allows players to go deep in the ocean with a submarine full of crewmates or other real players. Players can play it Online as well as in the Co-op campaign to complete the main missions of the game. New players will find it difficult to adjust to the game and picking up the items in different sections of the Submarine can fill up your character’s inventory. You will have to utilize the items to make new items for your character and the crew. One of the most important items that you would want to make early is a Toolbelt to increase the inventory slots.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Toolbelt in Barotrauma.

Get Toolbelt in Barotrauma

Toolbelt is a gear item in Barotrauma that can be equipped to increase the slots of the character to pick up more items. It is super-efficient in the early game as you and your crew will be gathering items for different purposes and objectives of the mission. In order to get the Toolbelt, you will have to make it in the Fabricator.

The recipe for Toolbelt is 1 Organic Fiber. To get the Organic Fiber early in the game, you need to deconstruct Bandages. You need to deconstruct 4 Bandages in total to get 1 whole Organic Fiber. You can find the bandages inside the Supplies Cabinet and then you can place those bandages at the Deconstructor to turn them into Organic Fiber.

Once you have 1 Organic Fiber, go to the Fabricator and place the Organic Fiber in the slot of Fabricator. Now search the Toolbelt at the FILTER bar of Fabricator to select the Toolbelt. Now, you will have to wait it out until the Toolbelt is crafted.

Use Fabricator to craft toolbelt

Once you have the Toolbelt, you will have to place it in one of your inventory slots and it will let you carry 6 more items inside Toolbelt. It is extremely useful for you as well as for your crew. However, if you are playing a single-player mode then you will have to make toolbelts for all of your crew by yourself.

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