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The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure – How to Equip and Remove Master Quartz from Characters



Trails to Azure

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is a Strategy game and is a sequel to the original game “Trails From Zero”. Players will be able to play with the legends themselves and fight various monsters in dungeons and other locations. If you have played the original game then you would have known that combat can be very intense in this game and you will be required to have some sort of Quartz equipped on the characters to increase their stats.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to equip and remove Master Quartz from characters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Azure.

Master Quartz

Quartz is like Materia from Final Fantasy games that can be equipped on your party members to increase their stats individually. As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to find quartz by looting the chests, completing the chapters, and eliminating the enemies. All of the quartz will be held in the inventory and players will be able to allocate quartz to the characters in the party.

Equip Quartz

In order to equip the Quartz on the character, you will have to go into the main menu of the game and select the option named “Orbment”. Inside Orbment, you will be able to use Arts and change Quartz. Select the Quartz option in Orbment and select the Orbal slot of the character to which you want to allocate quartz.

After that, you will see all the quartz you hold in your inventory and you will have to select one to allocate to that character’s Orbal Slot. You can also change the character with the R/L buttons.

Equipping Master Quartz

Remove Quartz

In order to remove quartz from a character, you will have to follow the same steps by going into the Orbment option in the menu. After that, you need to select Quartz and you will see the “Remove” option above the quartz that you can equip.

You need to select the Remove option and then you will get to select the Quartz from Orbal Slots. Select Quartz to remove from the character. You can then allocate other stronger quartz to that character in order to increase its stats further. Most of the players will be doing that when they find a stronger quartz in the game.

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