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Barotrauma – How to Get the SMG




Barotrauma is a Survival Horror game in which you will get to fight the sea monsters and other encountered enemies throughout the campaign. Defeating the monsters can be difficult because you will be required to have certain weapons. One of the early weapons that players should get is SMG which can be used to get rid of small sea monsters as well as encountered enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the SMG in Barotrauma.

Getting the SMG

SMG Weapon can be obtained from a couple of different methods and one of the easiest methods is to buy it from the City or Military Outpost after reaching a certain biome. SMG will be unlocked when you reached the second biome which is the European Ridge. However, you still have to reach the Difficulty Level of 30% before you get to buy it from the merchant. Buying the SMG will cost you 362 MK and 1 SMG Magazine will cost you 92 MK.

Buying SMG

Another way to get the SMG is by crafting it. Players will be able to craft the SMG if they have unlocked the Weaponsmith Talent and reached Weapons Skill level 55. However, it can take hours for you to reach the required level and unlock the talent but if you are in the late game and you want to quickly get your hands on SMG then you can craft it by using the following materials.

  • 1x Plastic
  • 2x Titanium-Aluminum Alloy
Crafting SMG

Once you have the materials, go to the Fabricator and search SMG in the Filter bar. Place the materials in the slots of the Fabricator and start creating it. It will take 22 Seconds to create an SMG in Fabricator.

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