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DREDGE: How to Catch Ice Habitat Fish & Sea Creatures



DREDGE: Catch Ice Habitat Fish

DREDGE’s first DLC expansion is live now with a new region named Pale Reach ready to be discovered and explored by the adventurers of the great sea. The new DLC includes new main pursuits along with a few side pursuits for the NPCs that players will meet in various locations in the Pale Reach region. With the exploration of the new region, players will get to discover a new habitat of fish and Sea Creatures, Ice.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Ice habitat fish and sea creatures in Dredge.

How to Catch Ice Habitat Fish & Sea Creatures in DREDGE

There are over 18 ice-habitat Fish and Sea Creatures scattered around in the region of Pale Reach that players can catch using the new Ice habitat Rods and Nets. With the new fish habitat type, there are also new rod/net types that are crucial for catching the ice habitat fish. There are 2 new rods and 1 new Net for the Ice habitat fish and sea creatures and players will be able to buy them from the Traveling Merchant at Pale Reach.

Once players have reached the Pale Reach region, they will meet Traveling Merchant on the northern side of Pale Reach. Dock the ship to talk to the traveling merchant to view her shop with all new rods and nets. Select the Shipyard to browse the shop and navigate to the rod section to find the following 2 rods.

  • Glacial Lance (Ice & Oceanic) – Costs $391.00 with 33% Fishing Speed. Takes [1×3] space and 3hrs to install.
  • Barred Ice (Ice) – Costs $204.00 with 16% Fishing Speed. Takes [2×2] space and 4hes to install.

It is best to buy a Glacial Lance rod due to more fishing speed and an edge of catching Oceanic habitat fish along with Ice. Move on to the Net section to find a new net called Brittle Trawl Net. It only catches Ice habitat fish with a capacity of [5×5] and lasts for 1 day. The price for Brittle Trawl Net is $255.00 but you will need it to catch specific fish because some fish cannot be caught with fishing rods. So, it is best for you to have one rod and one net installed on your ship to have the full potential of catching any fish you stumble upon in the Pale Reach region.

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