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DREDGE: How to Get to the Pale Reach



Dredge - Pale Reach

Dredge’s first new DLC is out now introducing a couple of main pursuits along with side pursuits that players can complete on a brand-new icy island that appears far in the ocean. Players who own the Pale Reach DLC will be able to traverse to the new island either before finishing the main story or after finishing the main story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get to the Pale Reach in Dredge.

How to Get to the Pale Reach in DREDGE

Pale Reach is a new icy island that is exclusive to the Pale Reach DLC of the game. Once players have access to the DLC, they will be able to explore the Pale Reach and meet with the Travelling Merchant along with other NPCs that might have some pursuits to be completed. The Pale Reach is located directly to the southernmost region of the world map, past Stellar Basin and Gale Cliffs islands. You need to travel past Stellar Basin and keep going in the south direction until a distant icy island is visible to you in distant.

If you open up the map after passing Stellar Basin and Gale Cliffs, you will see a large marked area with a ‘?’ icon. Keep going toward the distant island to reach the Pale Reach. However, the distance between Pale Reach and the starting area of the game is significantly higher for a starting boat. You must upgrade your boat’s engine to increase its speed to reach the Pale Reach easily.

It is recommended that you first complete the early chapters of the game to have significant items available on your boat as they will make your journey more pleasing. Once you have reached the Pale Reach, you will get to meet with the Traveling Merchant who will tell you about some new gear items for the boat as well as give you a main pursuit for the Ice Breaker tool for the boat for which you need to find various parts.

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