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Coral Island: How to Increase Inventory Space



Coral Island - Increase Inventory Space

Getting your inventory filled up quickly will leave you with various resources in your daily exploration across Starlet Island. There are various locations on the island that you will get to visit to come across exclusive resources about the areas. Gathering these resources will allow you to unlock more crafting recipes but if your inventory is filled up, you might have to store the items in the chest before starting your daily exploration or you can upgrade the Backpack to increase its inventory space.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase Inventory Space in Coral Island.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Coral Island

You will start with a Toolbelt and a basic backpack which together allow you to store items up to 15 different items including resources, food items, crops, seeds, and much more. As you complete your exploration for the 1st day and do some farming on the farmland, you will get a new mail on the 2nd day from Sam having an upgraded bag. Sam runs a General Store in the Starlet Town area located directly east of your farm.

Make your way to the General Store and go to the counter to view his services. If you select the Shop option, you will be able to buy various seeds and items that will help you in your farming process and if you select the ‘Upgrade bag’ option, you will be able to increase the inventory of your backpack. There are 3 total upgrades for your backpack which will increase the inventory of your space to 40 and each upgrade will cost a certain amount of money.

  • Backpack Upgrade 1: Increase Storage to 20, costs 500 Coral Coins.
  • Backpack Upgrade 2: Increase Storage to 30, costs 3,500 Coral Coins.
  • Backpack Upgrade 3: Increase Storage to 40, costs 12,000 Coral Coins.

You will be able to get the first backpack upgrade fairly in the early days of your adventure but the other two upgrades can be acclaimed as you start earning more money by doing various activities and selling items in the Shipping Bin.

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