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Coral Island: How to Recover Energy



Coral Island - Recover Energy

Coral Island takes inspiration from many other farming simulation games out there and with that players will get to experience many similar mechanics as other simulation games like Stamina usage but it is termed as Energy in Coral Island. However, the premise of Energy is the same as Stamina in other games which is used to carry out various activities. Throughout the adventure on the island, players will get to partake in activities like Farming, Fishing, Mining, etc. and all of them require the use of certain tools. Using the tools will drain a certain amount of Energy that players must recover before their character collapses and is sent back to the farmhouse to end the current day.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to recover Energy in Coral Island.

How to Recover Energy in Coral Island

There are multiple ways through which players can recover Energy in Coral Island and the basic method is to rest at the Bed in the farmhouse but it will end the current day. This method is only recommended to use when you have completed all the daily quests and there is nothing left to do in the current day. The rest of the methods that you can use to recover Energy during your adventure on the ongoing day are the following.

  • Eat Food items – You can buy various food items from Raja Coffee Shop in Starlet Town.
  • Jump into the Hot Springs – Hot Springs will recover +1 Energy every second.
  • Eat Bug Jerky – Catch and Cook bugs to recover Energy swiftly.

You can mix and match all of the methods to recover Energy throughout the day on the island. However, the Hot Springs is not readily available as players will have to complete a certain story quest to unlock it. Once you have unlocked the Hot Springs, you will have to worry less about the restoration of your Energy.

Every player starts with a total of 450 Energy and players will be able to gradually increase the total amount of Energy by leveling up in the various skills. Leveling up in the skills increase certain stats including the Energy and reduce the consumption of Energy from using the related tools to those skills.

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