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Coral Island: How to Craft the Makeshift Chest



Coral Island - Makeshift Chest

Crafting is one of the major aspects in Coral Island that players will get to do often to make various structures and useful items like chests to store the items to make space in their inventory. One of the earliest chest recipes that players will have unlocked in the game is Makeshift Chest which can hold up to 20 different kinds of items.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to craft the Makeshift Chest in Coral Island.

How to Craft the Makeshift Chest in Coral Island

The Makeshift Chest is one of the starting recipes in the game that players will have readily unlocked on the first day at the farm area. As players learn to clean the farmland and plant seeds to finish the day, they will stack up on various resources and most probably fill up their inventory. Luckily, players can tackle this situation by crafting the Makeshift Chest and storing the items like various resources and food items for later use. However, crafting the Makeshift Chest will require the following resources.

  • 20x Wood
  • 10x Trash

Both of these resources can be gathered from the farmland as well as other areas of the island. You need to use the Axe to cut down the trees to get the wood and the Scythe to collect the Trash from the ground. You can easily gather over 40 of each of these resources on the starting day.

Once you have the required resources, follow the following steps to craft and place the Makeshift Chest.

  • Open the menu and navigate to Crafting (Wrench Icon).
  • Find the Makeshift Chest recipe and press the LMB while hovering over it to craft it.
  • The Makeshift Chest will attach to the cursor and you need to move the cursor to an empty space in your inventory and press the LMB again to store it in your inventory.
  • Open the inventory to select and equip the stored Makeshift Chest and go to the location where you want to place it.
  • Press the LMB when the placement overview is Blue to successfully place the Makeshift Chest.

After crafting and placing the Makeshift Chest, press the RMB to access the chest and place the items from your inventory into the chest. As you progress further into the game and gather various resources, more chest recipes will unlock which will store more items and don’t forget to increase your inventory space as well as Sam will send you a mail on Day 2 about a Bag Upgrade available at the general Store.

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