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Coral Island: How to do Crafting



Coral Island: How to do Crafting

All of the Farming and Simulation games have crafting mechanics which are very helpful for the players to craft useful items, furniture, structures, etc. Coral Island also allows players to craft the items that they need for their convenience.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do crafting in the Coral Island game.


Almost every farming game requires the players to get a Crafting Table to craft the items with the resources they collect. However, in Coral Island, players will not be needing a crafting table as they can craft directly from the player’s menu. The crafting tab is in the player’s menu and it has the symbol of a wrench. You can go into the crafting tab and you’ll see all of the crafting recipes that you’ve unlocked.

All of the players will start off with Makeshift recipes that have the following items.

  • Makeshift Sign
  • Makeshift Fence
  • Makeshift Gate
  • Makeshift Path
  • Makeshift Chest

Players didn’t have to unlock these recipes and they can make these recipes by getting the required resources displayed on the right side of the screen. Once you’ve got the resources then click on that item and place it in your inventory below. That item will be added to your inventory and then you can drag it from your inventory and place it out in the open or in your house. You’ll be able to unlock the recipes for other items as you collect different resources from the island. There are different areas on the island and you’ll find various resources.

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