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Coral Island: How to Upgrade House



Coral Island: How to Upgrade House

At the start of the game, the players will get a short tour of the island and then be shown their house. The house will not be that big but it does have a bed on which players can rest and end their day.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade the house in the Coral Island game.

Upgrading House

Upgrading the house will require resources such as wood and stones but to upgrade the house you cannot do it by yourself. You’ll have to go to the carpenter’s shop on the northeast side of the island. When you see your house for the first time, you’ll also meet the two carpenters named Dinda and Joko. They both have a store and they’ll tell you to gather some resources and then bring the resources to the store so they can upgrade the house and make it better.

For the first upgrade, you’ll be needing 50 Wood and 20 Stones. Both of these resources can be easily gathered by cleaning the farmland in front of your house. There’ll be plenty of trees and rocks in the farmland and you need to cut the trees with the Pickaxe to get the wood and break the rocks with the Pickaxe to get the stones.

Coral Island: How to Upgrade House

After getting the resources, go to the carpenter’s shop and go to the counter, and select the upgrade the house option. Give the resources to Dinda and she’ll call Joko and they both will go to your house and upgrade it. You’ll also get a cupboard and a TV when you upgrade the house. You can also change the location of the items inside the house. You can move all of the items except the bed because bed is the core furniture in your house.

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