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Coral Island: Where to get Seeds



Coral Island: Where to get Seeds

Coral Island is a farming game and your character is a farmer in the new Coral Island. For farming, you’ll be needing all kinds of crops seeds, and fruit seeds to make your own farm in front of your house. You can also earn money by selling the grown crops but for that, you must have seeds in high quantity.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you where to get the seeds in the Coral Island game.

Getting the Seeds

When you start your farming for the first time, Mayor Connor will give you some Turnip Seeds and you’ll be able to grow turnips on your farm but where you can get more seeds. In order to get the seeds, you need to go to Sam’s General Store which is in Starlet Town. Go to the Starlet Town area which is on the right side of your house. When you get to the area, you’ll see a building with Sam’s General Store written on it.

Go inside the store and talk to Sam and you’ll get multiple options. Select the Shop option to browse the items that Sam is selling. Sam sells cooking supplies, tortillas, bread, cookies, seeds, and farming supplies. There are no limits on the items that Sam sells so you can buy hundreds of seeds at once and then start planting and growing the seeds on your farm.

If you are low on energy then you can also buy a couple of bread for your adventure which will keep your energy above the red level so you don’t pass out.

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