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Coral Island: How to Fish



Coral Island - Fishing

Fishing is one of the main activities in Coral Island in which players can participate to catch various kinds of fish across the island. Catching fish will unlock more food recipes for the players that players can cook and consume to recover their Energy to keep the day going without collapsing.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to fish in Coral Island.

How to Get the Fishing Rod in Coral Island

Players will be able to start fishing fairly early in the game but first, they will have to get a Fishing Rod. Fishing Rod is not given by Mayor Connor like the rest of the tools at the start of the game instead, you will have to get it yourself by meeting with Sunny and Eleanor. You will be able to meet them at Beach Shack on the 3rd day of Spring. Make your way to the beach area to find the Beach Shack and go inside to meet with Sunny and Eleanor. After talking to them, Sunny will give you the Fishing Rod which will make you eligible to fish in several fishing spots across the island.

How to Fish in Coral Island

To start fishing in Coral Island, you will have to go to one of the fishing spots and cast the fishing line in the water by holding the LMB. Different Fishing Rods have different Cast Lengths which determines the fish size and its rarity. The starting fishing rod has a cast length of 3 that allows you to catch small and medium-sized fish often. Upon casting the line into the water, you need to wait until a shadow of fish bites the hook, it will take 15 – 20 seconds minimum.

Once the fish has taken a bite to the hook, you need to hold the LMB to reel in the fish but you have to be careful of the tension created on the line. As you reel in, the tension will increase and break the line upon exceeding the limit of the line’s tension. To keep the tension under the limit, you must stop reeling in the fish for a few moments and then start reeling in again when the tension has reached 0.

Keep on repeating the process of reeling in the fish and letting it go to catch the fish successfully without breaking the casting line. The common and uncommon fish are caught easily but if you get to catch epic or legendary rarity fish, it will require more patience to catch successfully.

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