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DREDGE: How to Break the Ice Blockades



DREDGE - Break the Ice Blockades

Starting your exploration at the new Pale Reach region will let you meet with both old and new friendly faces but the navigation around the new region is not straightforward. This icy glacier region has multiple icy blockades along the water trail which will slow down your exploration from time to time. You must clear these ice walls to expand your exploration to complete the main pursuit as well as discover this region’s secrets and lore.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to break the ice blockades in DREDGE.

How to Break the Ice Blockades in DREDGE

There are 3 ice blockades in the Pale Reach region that you need to break to open a path to new locations in the Pale Reach region. The first Ice Wall that you will get to find is beside the Photographer NPC. You will find the Photographer by following the water trail from the Bleak Pontoon. As you reach the trail’s end, you will notice a boat beside the ice wall where the Photographer resides. Talk to the Photographer to learn about a giant sea creature named Narwhal who is always hungry.

To break the ice blockades, you need to fill up the ‘Deliver Fish’ with fish on every ice blockade to lure Narwhal to break the ice walls for you. The first ice blockade will require a [4×4] capacity of fish. You need to fill it up with the fish and wait for the Narwhal to satisfy his hunger as well as break the ice wall. You can find the Icefish and Toothfish near the starting ice blockade so, catch a demanding supply of fish and fill it up.

For the rest of the two ice blockades, repeat the procedure of filling the ‘Deliver Fish’ spots with fish to trick Narwhal into breaking the ice walls. However, you need to be careful of Narwhal as he will start chasing you when he gets hungry. To keep Narwhal off your back, you can leave some fish in ‘Deliver Fish’ spots scattered around in the water. If you find one, leave some fish to continue your exploration without much trouble.

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