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DREDGE: Where to Find Photographer



DREDGE - Photographer

Exploring the new region called Pale Reach will let you meet with both old and new characters who will help you in your adventure and exploration of the Pale Reach region. The first friendly face that you will get to meet is the friendly traveling merchant. She has taken refuge at Bleak Pontoon and will offer new equipment for your ship that you must consider buying, especially for catching ice habitat fish and sea creatures. One of the new friendly characters that players will get to meet is the Photographer who likes to take pictures of Wild Life.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Photographer in DREDGE.

Where to Find the Photographer in DREDGE

The Photographer is one of the new characters that players can meet in the DREDGE: Pale Reach DLC. Players who own the Pale Reach DLC will get to first hear about the Photographer by talking to the Mayor at Little Marrow. The mayor will give a hint of the Photographer going in the south direction and as players follow along in the south direction, they will reach the new Pale Reach region. Once there, follow the following steps to find the Photographer.

  • Rest at the Pontoon and start the adventure by driving the boat on the small water trail.
  • The water trail is like a snake trail so go slowly to turn safely on curves.
  • Keep going along the trail to reach an ice blockade.
  • The Photographer will be sitting in her boat beside the blockade.

Go near the boat and interact with it to talk to the Photographer and she will tell you about herself and fill you up on Narwhal, a giant Sea Creatures that lives in the depths of Pale Reach. She is here to take a picture of Narwhal but unfortunately, she cannot go ahead due to the ice blockade. It will start a secondary pursuit for which you have to break the ice blockade which is a part of the main pursuit so, you will have to complete it to progress in the DLC content.

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