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DREDGE: How to Catch Toothfish



DREDGE - Toothfish

DREDGE’s first DLC, Pale Reach introduces new pursuits for the sailors to complete and catch various new ice habitat fish and sea creatures in a brand-new region. There are over 20 new fish in the DLC that players will get to catch that can be used for selling purposes as well as for completing the pursuits. One of the new fish is Toothfish which players will be able to get fairly early after reaching the Pale Reach region.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Toothfish in DREDGE.

How to Catch Toothfish in DREDGE

Toothfish is one of the new fish in DREDGE that players can find in the new Pale Reach region. The Pale Reach region is located south of Stellar Basin and is covered in complete snow. As players reach the Pale Reach, they will get to meet with the traveling merchant who will show them the new rods and nets for fishing the new ice habitat fish. Fish in Pale Reach are mostly of ice habitat and it is crucial for players to buy and install an ice habitat fishing rod or net to catch them.

Toothfish is also of ice habitat and players can catch it either by using the ice habitat Fishing Rod or Net. These fish are common in Pale Reach and can be found in Disturbed Water at any time. They can be easily recognized by a medium shadow in the water and are caught by completing the fish-catching mini-game. Press the respective key for pull when the green circle reaches the outer red circle to pull the Toothfish from the water.

Toothfish take [3×2] space in the inventory and you will find them in low quantity as they are usually found in low stock. You can sell the Toothfish to the traveling merchant for money but you can also place them at the ‘Deliver Fish’ spots near the ice blockades to break them to expand your exploration around Pale Reach.

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