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DREDGE: How to Complete Under the Ice Pursuit



Dredge: Under the Ice pursuit

Under the Ice is the main pursuit in DREDGE: The Pale Reach DLC that players need to complete to earn a rewarding tool at the end. However, before players get to start this quest, they will first have to complete the Icebreaker pursuit to get the Icebreaker tool to sail through the ice rocks without any problem.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Under the Ice Pursuit in DREDGE.

How to Complete Under the Ice Pursuit in DREDGE

Completing the Under the Ice Pursuit will require you to find Ice Axes from the water and use them to break the Ice Shard at every docking point in the Pale Reach region except Bleak Pontoon. There are four docking points where you will find the Ice Shard with a mysterious voice inside.

  • Central Camp
  • Western Bearing
  • Eastern Terminus
  • Southern Locus

You will be able to talk to every Ice Shard for lore but you need to free them using the Ice Axe. Speaking of Ice Axe, you need to find four Ice Axes scattered around the Pale Reach region. All the locations for Ice Axes are mentioned below.

  • Behind the ice rocks near Central Camp at the J, -4 coordinates.
  • Found at the K, -4 coordinates.
  • Behind the ice rocks near the Western Bearing at the F, -5 coordinates.
  • Near the Southern Locus docking point at the G, -7 coordinates.

Once you have found all of the ice axes from the locations, go to every docking point to break the ice shard to get Frozen Heart from every soul you freed from the ice shard. Every time you break the ice shard, it will play a brief cutscene of a creature closing its eyes, and after breaking all the ice shards, a creature will drop an item in the water.

Before you get to dredge out the item from the water, go to the K,-4 coordinates to find the Frozen Rock Slab. Place all 4 Frozen Hearts on the Rock Slab to get the Radiant Trawl Net. Now, you can go to the Southern Locus location where the item dropped and dredge it out to get the Aurous Anchor item. You can use this item to create a two-way portal to Blackstone Isle making the traversal easier throughout the main journey.

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