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Palia: How and Where to Meet with Subira



Palia - Meet Subira

Palia’s latest update (Patch 0.173) added a new NPC named Subira to the Palian World. She is a Majiri member of the Order who has been sent to investigate the happenings that have been occurring in the Palian World. Meeting Subira will allow players to complete her line of quests but players must first fulfill the requirement for meeting her.

In this guide, we’ll go over how and where to meet with Subira in Palia.

How to Meet with Subira in Palia

Meeting with Subira will require players to complete a series of limited-time questlines that cover Subira’s arrival at Kilima Village. The questline will require you to prepare for a party that villagers have been organizing for the arrival of the Watcher. However, before players get to start with the quest line, they must have completed the following quests for Eshe.

  • Prove Your Devotion
  • Prove Your Purpose
  • Prove Your Generosity

These are the citizenship quests that players will get to complete fairly early in the game. Once players have completed these quests, they need to talk to Eshe to start the new limited-time quest line which includes the following quests.

  • Fit for a Watcher: Design and make a new furniture set – Investigator Furniture Set.
  • Your Order is Served: Cook new recipes – Petit Fives, Muujin Bahari, and Oysters Akwinduu.

After completing both of these quests, go back to your plot area and interact with the mailbox to find an invitation letter to the party from Eshe. It will start the Extravagant Expectations quest. Talk to Eshe between 6pm – 12pm to get to the party and you will be able to meet with Subira at the party.

Where to Meet with Subira in Palia

After meeting with Subira for the first time at the welcome party, Subira will teleport to the Inn. She has a room inside the Inn where she will be staying and if you complete the objectives of the Extravagant Expectations quest, you will get to meet Subira inside her room at the Inn to complete the quest.

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