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Palia: How to Participate in Flow Tree Groves Event



Palia: Flow Tree Grove Event

From the beginning of the Open Beta, a lot of players had complaint about the low availability of Flow Trees in the Palian World, and the devs have substantially increased the spawning rate of Flow Trees to counter the issue but players still finding it difficult to find the Flow Trees to get the Flow-Infused Wood. As Flow Infused Wood is the rarest wood available in the game and used for a lot of end-game crafting recipes, the Devs have introduced a special event just for the spawn of Flow Trees in the latest patch (0.173).

In this guide, we’ll go over how to participate in the Flow Tree Groves Event in Palia.

How to Participate in Flow Tree Groves Event in Palia

The new Flow Tree Groves Event in Palia is public and open for everybody on the server. There is no requirement to participate in the event for any player except for the presence of the players at the location of the event. The location of the Flow Tree Groves event is random but in the Bahari Bay region and it will appear on the map once per in-game day. However, the event can happen up to 2 different locations on the map at the same time but not more than 2 locations. Players can only be at one location at a time so, if they happen to find themselves close to the event, they just might want to wait for the event to finish to gather the Flow-Infused Wood.

What is the Flow Tree Groves Event in Palia

The Flow Tree Groves event is an appearance of mystical phenomenon around the trees that will spawn several Flow Trees of various sizes around it. This mystical phenomenon happens due to the unlocking of Water and Fire Temples and players will be able to see it from a fair distance. Alternatively, players can also signal the other players on the server by shooting a flare arrow in the air to give them a hint about the start of the event.

As players reach the location of the event, they need to start cutting down the Flow Trees to start gathering the Flow-Infused Wood. The more Flow Trees they chop, the more wood they will get. Once the mystical phenomenon has vanished in thin air, all the Flow Trees will switch to their normal form.

This event is great for gathering a bunch of Flow-Infused Wood quickly instead of looking for Flow Trees all over the Palian World. It will greatly resolve the issue of low availability of the magical Flow Trees to get Flow-Infused Wood to use in the making of various crafting recipes.

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