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Palia: How to Hunt Muujin – Loot Drops & Achievements



Palia: Hunt Muujin

Muujin is a new creature that has been spotted in the dense foliage of Bahari Bay that players can choose to find and hunt to gather new materials. This new creature has been added with the latest Palia update (Patch 0.173) which brings a lot of new content along with a brand-new event of Flow Tree Groves that can earn players Flow Tree materials. However, following the new content will require some materials that can only be gathered from hunting Muujin so, it is essential for players to learn how to hunt Muujin.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to hunt Muujin in Palia.

How to Hunt Muujin in Palia

Hunting Muujin follows the same principle as hunting Chapaa and Sernuk requiring you to equip the bow to shoot them with arrows from a distance. You can find Muujin only in Bahari Bay and they spawn in random locations throughout Bahari Bay. Muujin is a bit bigger than Chapaa and takes up to 3 – 4 hits depending on the type of arrows you are using to hunt them. Using the Standard Arrows will take 3 hits to hunt Muujin but Muujin are also of different kinds as follows.

  • Regular Muujin
  • Banded Muujin
  • Bluebristle Muujin

Regular and Banded Muujin are easy to find and hunt as they can be found easily in the northwest areas of Bahri Bay such as the Outskirts and Thorny Thicket whereas, the Bluebristle Muujin is rare and found randomly. All Muujin kinds have the behavior of hiding themselves in the trees when shot upon for which you have to cut down the trees to continue the hunt. It is best to use the Dispel Arrows on Muujin to slow them down and hunt them quickly before they get to hide and prolong the hunt.

However, the Bluebristle Muujin has an additional invisibility ability that makes its kind of hunt difficult. When you find and shoot the Bluebristle Muujin, it will turn invisible and only give a sound queue of running in a direction. If you use the Dispel Arrows on the Bluebristle Muujin, it will delay them to turn invisible and allow you to hunt them quickly. If we narrow down the procedure of hunting down Muujin, you need to shoot Muujin, follow it and keep shooting it, and cut down the tree of it hides to continue the hunt.

Loot Drop of Muujin in Palia

Hunting Muujin will give you the following items as loot drops.

  • Fur – Obtained from all kinds of Muujin.
  • Muujin Meat – Obtained from all kinds of Muujin.
  • Muujin Mane – Obtained from the Regular Muujin.
  • Banded Muujin Mane – Obtained from the Banded Muujin.
  • Bluebristle Muujin Mane – Obtained from the Bluebristle Muujin Mane.

Achievements for Hunting Muujin

After hunting all 3 kinds of Muujin, you will get the ‘Muujin Hunter’ achievement and 15x Renown along with Bahari Hunter’s Mounted Muujin wall trophy. You can place the Mounted Muujin trophy inside your house to show off your accomplishment.  

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