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DREDGE: Where to Find Pale Reach’s Map



DREDGE: Pale Reach Map

The first DLC of DREDGE introduces a new region named Pale Reach to players that players can explore at any point in the game. This new region is located in the southernmost area of the ocean which will require a sailing of a day or two depending on what type of engine power players are running. The first issue that most players will encounter is navigation through the Pale Reach as there is no map layout for the new region. Players will have to find the map of Pale Reach themselves to make the navigation easier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Pale Reach’s map in DREDGE.

Where to Find Pale Reach’s Map in DREDGE

Upon reaching the Pale Reach region, players will first get to meet with the friendly NPC, traveling merchant. Talk to the merchant and buy the new fishing rods to catch the ice habitat fish because you are going to need them to progress into the more open area of the region. After that, you need to sail ahead in the snake-like path of water to reach an ice blockade near the Photographer NPC. Talk to the Photographer and fill the Deliver Fish with caught fish to lure the creature to destroy the ice blockade.

Accomplishing this will also complete the Pursuit for the Photographer and you will reach the central area of Pale Reach. Once you are in the open area, make your way to the closest docking point at the I,-4 coordinates which will be the Central Camp. Upon docking at the Central Camp, you need to select the Frozen Cabin option to get a drawn map of the area which will be added to your map.

After getting the map, you can choose to rest or continue the exploration with the acquired map as well as talk to the Ice Shard on the Central Camp which is a part of the main Pursuit, Under the Ice in the DLC.

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