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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising: Best Methods For Mushroom Harvest



Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising: Best Methods For Mushroom Harvest

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a role-playing and Indie game. This game has been released today on the Windows platform. Your character is CJ and you have to play through the main story to progress in the game but since it is a role-playing game, you can do side quests for other people as well. Side quests also unlock different equipment for your character.

This guide will educate on you how to harvest the mushrooms as it is a necessary resource for your character’s upgrades.

Mushroom Harvest

Mushroom is a necessary resource for upgrading the CJ’s armor. You have to harvest the mushrooms by using the tools then you can craft them with other resources to make the armor. The other resources are Lumber, stones, fish, and fish. All these resources are combined in different recipes to make different equipment for your character. To harvest the resources, you need specific tools for them without the tools you cannot harvest them.

To harvest the mushrooms, you need to get the tools first. You can get the tools by doing a small side quest that is actually made for the players to harvest the mushrooms. This side quest is given by an NPC who is on the left side of the Outlander Lane’s entrance. The NPC will also have a side quest marker pointing at him. The side quest is very simple you just have to go to a marked location and collect the mushrooms. By completing the quest, you’ll get the tools for harvesting the mushrooms and then you can harvest any type of mushrooms. you can find mushrooms in the great forest, quarry, and the snow peaks.

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