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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Secret Ending



Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Secret Ending

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is set after chapter 1 of the original game. Your character starts in the playtime co. toy factory and you have to find a way out of the factory. You have to play through the game and you have to collect the train code and escape on the train. The train codes are the main objective of the game.

In this guide, we tell you about the secret ending that you can get.

Normal Ending

In the normal ending, you have to get all the four train codes and the order of the codes. These codes are given to you by Poppy. You have to complete the puzzles and defeat the bosses to get these codes. After you solve all of the puzzles and defeat all the bosses, Poppy will give you the train codes and the order. Then you can board the train and enter the train codes and the code order to start the train and leave the Playtime Co. toy factory. But as you are on the train and about to exit the tunnel, Poppy will change her mind and change your route which increases the speed of the train and you have to hit the emergency brake of the train to stop it but the train flips over and the game ends.

Normal Ending

Now that was the normal ending that you get by playing the whole game and collecting each train code from Poppy after a puzzle or boss fight. What if there is another ending that you can get in the game or something different than the original ending.

Secret Ending

By playing the game again with a different strategy we discover something different in the game and that is the order of the codes on the train. If you play from the start and you reach the train station area instead of going to the statues and Whack-A-Wuggy, you can board the train. But you do need all the codes and the order of the codes to start the train.

What we discovered is that the train code is the same, symbols are the same and in the same order but to select the order of the symbols after you put them on the train is different. The code in the normal ending is 2314 but without knowing the order of the code when you enter 2314, the code is invalid and the train won’t start.

So, we want to find out what would happen if we succeed in guessing the code order without completing the whole game. So, what we did is, we tried every single combination from the first symbol to the last one and we were successful in finding the correct order of the code. The code order that worked for us was 4312.

Secret Ending

We started the train without doing the Whack-A-Wuggy and Hide and Seek with the Mommy Long Legs. Now we wanted to see if we get a different ending because we didn’t get the code of train from the Poppy and haven’t defeated the main boss “Mommy Long Legs”. But we were surprised that the ending was the same for this run, all of the dialogues of Poppy about not letting us leave and flipping the train over were the same. But we did find out that the train codes won’t work if you knew them already, you have to make a guess and try out a different combination or just complete the whole game and get codes from Poppy.

By the way, people can do speed runs by following this method because you can just skip more than half of the game and can complete it under 25 minutes or maybe even less than this.

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