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Poppy Playtime: How to solve Warehouse puzzle



Poppy Playtime: How to solve Warehouse puzzle

Poppy Playtime is a game set in a toy factory that is haunted and has some serious jump scares. The game is filled with puzzles. So, you have to notice the environments very carefully to make your way through certain puzzle areas in Poppy Playtime.

Speaking of puzzles, in this guide we will be covering the mysterious puzzle of the toy factory warehouse. Complete location and how to solve the warehouse puzzle.
Right after you’ve made it through Ludwig’s office. You will make your way to the warehouse where you will have to solve the puzzle. You can make your way out of Ludwig’s office by pulling the gate to rip it off by using your hand. You will have to make your way through the duct space. You have to go a bit further and you will find a box moving through a platform above you. You will have to solve the puzzle there.

How to Solve the Warehouse puzzle

There is a box above you moving on the platform and you have to make your way through the place. In order to get through you will find an electric box there. There are a few nodes beside the electric box. You just have to be careful and you’ve to connect the wires from one electric box to another point to complete a circuit. You need to use your hand to connect to the first electric box node and then use your hand and by connecting to all nodes you need to get to the final point with a red light, you need to connect the wire with it to complete the circuit. This will complete the electric circuit and you’re good to go. This will recover the electricity and you can make your way through the above floor by climbing through the ladder.

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