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Rogue Legacy 2: Lily of the Valley



Rogue Legacy 2: Lily of the Valley

Rogue Legacy 2 is an adventure game in which you have to go through the different worlds to progress through the game but in some areas, you are required some particular things to unlock the place to pass through. In the same case when you reach the third world Kerguelen Plateau, you have to get Lili flowers to open the door of the boss. You can’t progress through the game without fighting the boss o, you’d have to find the lily flowers and defeat the boss.

In this guide, we tell you where to find the three required Lily of the valley flowers to pass through the Kerguelen Plateau.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the Relic that you need to collect in order to open the door to fight the boss and pass through the third world of the game. You have to collect three of the Lily flowers and then go to the door and place all three in the door and the door will open.

In order to get these relics, it is important that you have the Double Jump ability because you’ll be going to need it to get out of trouble. If you haven’t unlocked this ability then make sure to open this ability first before going to collect the three relics.

Location of the Lilies of the Valley

The locations of the Lily of the Valley are the following:

  • Lily of the Valley 1: It can be found in the room with a purple question mark. You’d have to launch yourself towards the spikes and execute the double jump at the exact moment to get the first lily.
  • Lily of the Valley 2: You’d automatically pass by this lily and you’ll see it so it’s the easiest to get. But you’d still have to do the sprint with the double jump to get this lily.
  • Lily of the Valley 3: It can be found in a room protected by an arrow trap. You will have to deflect the arrows using the spinning kick. Then combine the sprint and the double jump and you will get the last lily.

After collecting all of them then you can unlock the boss door and complete the third world.

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