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Rogue Legacy 2: All Classes



Rogue Legacy 2: All Classes

Rogue Legacy 2 has added new things to the game including weapons, areas, art, and even new classes. A lot of new content has been added and the players get to play and try new classes. All of the classes in Rogue legacy 2 are super fun to play. There is another thing that Rogue Legacy 2 has is an Heir System, when your character dies, his heir takes place. So, the game will let you choose 3 heirs for every playthrough from the classes.

Now there is a total of 15 classes in Rogue Legacy 2 that you can play with and choose your heirs from. In this guide we tell you about all the classes and their abilities so, you can get the idea of which class does what and which will suit your playstyle.

Rogue Legacy 2 All Classes

There are 15 different classes that you can play within Rogue Legacy 2. Each of them is unique in its own way and their playstyle is also different. The classes are the following.


The assassin has great speed, mana, and attack. Assassin also has the abilities that make this class top tier. Assassin dual blade strikes three times. It also does Crit Damage to enemies. Assassin has a Cloak as well that makes Assassin invisible for 3 seconds. It also increases the speed by 50%.


Astromancer is a new class to the game and it is just like the mage class that does damage by magic. Astromancer has the Celestial Sceptre that is used to cast spells and blackholes. Astromancer can also fly around the enemies and deal damage to them but the duration to do this is only 1.5 seconds.


Barbarian has an Ax as a primary weapon. Barbarian is a class that can tank a lot of damage from the enemies as well as it does a lot of damage to enemies. The barbarian class can freeze the enemies near him by using talent ability.


Bard has a Lute as the primary weapon which is used to create music notes and these notes deals damage to enemies. The talent ability of this class turns notes into roses and it explodes with a spin kick.


Boxer class has the boxing gloves as a weapon and it hits the punch very fast and does more damage after every hit. Boxer class can hit a combo of 30 punches and do crit damage as well. The talent ability of this class is an AoE attack that pushes away enemies and destroys projectiles.


Chef has a frying pan as a weapon that can be used as a melee weapon but this weapon can also throw back the projectile coming toward you. You can shoot them back with the frying pan and the projectile will turn into fireballs. The talent ability of this class brings out a stew that heals you and increases your mana.

Dragon Lancer

The Dragon Lancer has a spear as the weapon and this class also has a shield as well. You can deal damage by using the abilities of the spear and the shield. His shield knock back enemies and block the incoming attacks.


Duelist has a Saber sword as a weapon and you can do combo damage to enemies. You can do mid-air attacks, rolling attacks, jumping attacks, etc. The talent ability of this class makes it invincible while rolling.


The gunslinger has a revolver as the weapon that can rapid-fire. The bullets can do crit damage as well. The gunslinger’s talent ability is the Dynamite that you can throw at enemies and it explodes in the X pattern.


The Knight has a Great Sword as the Weapon. The Knight also has the shield as well as a Talent. It blocks the enemies attacks and deals Crit Damage to them.


Mage has the Wand of Blasting as the Weapon that cast spells on enemies. The spells can go through walls. The mage class has low health but has greater mana. The mage can do critical damage with spells if mana is above 50%.


Pirate is the new class in Rogue Legacy 2. Pirate uses a cannon as a weapon that can be used as a melee weapon as well as you can shoot it from the range. The talent ability summons the Pirate Ship that you can ride and you can fly through enemies and shoot cannons from the air. The duration of the talent ability is 8 seconds.


Ranger uses the Bow as a weapon and can shoot arrows from any movement. You can shoot arrows in mid-air, jump, roll, etc. The talent ability makes a temporary platform that blocks the projectiles coming toward you and the platform will grant you arrows. The enemies will also explode after 1 second of being hit by the arrow.


Ronin has a long-range katana as the weapon that can do variations of attacks. The talent ability of Ronin is that it dash in a straight line and damages everything in the dash’s path.


Valkyrie has a spear as a weapon and it can attack in any direction. You can dash with the spear in any direction and deal crit damage to enemies. The talent ability is that you can go far in one run and do damage to enemies as well and destroy the projectiles in the path.

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