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Rogue Legacy 2: Level Up Classes & Farm XP



Rogue Legacy 2: Level Up Classes & Farm XP

Rogue Legacy 2 is a platform shooting game. The full game of the version has been released on Xbox Consoles and PC. This game is a sequel to the Rogue Legacy so, the players that have played its previous version would know better how to play and progress in this game. But worry not we will tell you the basics of leveling up in this game and how to gain XP in this game.

Level Up Classes

In Rogue Legacy 2 there is an item called mastery that can be earned by each of the class. You’ll gain Mastery Levels which permanently boost the stats of every class. These Mastery Levels are gotten by defeating the monsters from which you get XP as well. Each class has a different mastery bonus that is applied to everyone else. For example, increasing Mastery on Knights increases Equip Weight. This is an across-the-board permanent upgrade for everyone. If you level up a single class it will make every other class better. So, you don’t have to manually level up every single class.

Farming XP

The first thing you need to do is that you need to find a Challenge Room. Challenge Rooms are bonus portals you can enter that appear in all biomes. Look for Challenge Rooms in Citadel Agartha, near the starting portal. You need to reset the world multiple times until you find the Challenge Room. Enter the Challenge Room with the enemy area. You’ll have to fight several waves of enemies in three stages. Defeat all of the waves and clear the stages. You can use classes with high Vitality and high Strength in order to survive more easily. Clear the Challenge and you’ll gain about 400 XP.

Now in order to farm the XP, you don’t have to clear the challenge completely, if you do you’ll only get about 400 XP and you return to the world, what you need to do is that, don’t collect the chest at the end of the Challenge Room. By doing that you won’t complete the challenge but you’ll be in the challenge room and an autosave with your gained XP will be stored after the stages of fighting with the monsters. After that, open the menu and go to the main menu and when you continue the game, you’ll have to do all the Challenge Room again but the XP that you gained would still be with you. So, you can just repeat this whole process, again and again, to farm the XP in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2: Level Up Classes & Farm XP

To earn more XP, unlock the Trophy Room upgrade at the Mansion. At max level, you’ll earn +25% XP.

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