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Nintendo Switch Sports: How to Get a Strike Consistently



Nintendo Switch Sports: How to Get a Strike Consistently

Nintendo Switch Sports game has 6 sports games in it which you can play online or casually with your friends or family. One of the sports in this game is Bowling. In bowling, you just have to knock down the pins with the ball but how can you be able to hit the strike more often in the game because it’ll give you more points. In this guide, we will be telling you how can you hit strikes in bowling more often.

How to Get a Strike Consistently

To bowl in Switch Sports is pretty basic, you just have to hold the ZR button to begin your bowl and don’t let go of the ZR button at any point of the bowling motion. Just hold the button while you bowl. IF you release the button while doing the bowling motion then you’ll drop the ball. One of the key things in getting a strike in bowling is positioning. To position the ball in the perfect place for getting strikes, line up the outside of your red dotted line with the inside of the outermost arrow in the lane.

How to Get a Strike Consistently

This is the best position to get strikes if you put a spin on it. The spin is key for consistent strikes. Spinning is a bit tricky in Switch Sports as the secret to producing spin and lots of it consistently is all in the wrist. What you’ll want to do is start with your wrist facing upwards or as close to upwards as feel natural, move your arm forward in a straight motion and then as you want the ball to be released, flip your hand over 180 degrees. This will release the ball and generate lots of spin on the ball. You can spin the ball both ways so flip your hand according to the direction where you want to spin the ball. The moving of your arm forward would be the speed of the ball, as you don’t want much speed due to spinning so you’d do just fine by normal speed.

That’d be all for getting strikes consistently in Nintendo Switch Sports game.

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