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Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis: Tennis Perfect Serve



Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis: Tennis Perfect Serve

In Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis, there are two types of serves, one is the normal serve in which the trajectory of the ball is straight and the speed is normal, the other one is the Perfect serve in which the trajectory of the ball can be curved and its speed is higher than the normal making it harder for the opponents to hit it back. Now hitting the perfect serve can be a little complicated because it all depends on the right timing to hit the ball. If you want to hit the perfect serve every time or most of the time then this guide is for you because we have some tips and tricks for hitting the perfect serve in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis.

How to Hit the Perfect Serve

The basics of hitting the perfect serve are simple, after tossing the ball you have to hit it at its highest point and the ball will go flying to the other side of the net. But to master, these basics are a bit complicated because it requires perfect timing.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis: Tennis Perfect Serve

You just can’t start your swing when it’s already at the highest point as you’ll end up being too late. Instead, you’ll have to start your swing just a moment before then which is almost half a second after starting your serve. This moment is about 31 frames from the tossing to be precise and you’ll hit the ball at 36 frames but we are not here to calculate the frames. You just have to feel for the right perfect serve as you hit the ball after half a second after tossing it.

If you’re having trouble getting the timing right, there is a little trick that you can use. You’ll see a server logo bouncing at the right side of your player. As it turns out, it does one full bounce every 30 frames or every half second meaning if you toss the ball in one bounce and then swing on the next bounce, you’ll end up with a perfect serve every time.

You can practice this with the AI bots, just restart every time after serving the ball to master the perfect serve.

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