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Nintendo Switch Sports: Open Items Quickly



Nintendo Switch Sports: Open Items Quickly

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can get customization items but in order to get the items, you need to earn points by playing the matches online. if you want to get new outfits and equipment, you’ve got to have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. The local play option doesn’t allow you to earn points that are used to buy gifts. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to earn points quickly and get items in the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Open Items Quickly

Earn Points Quickly

As you get these items through online play, you get a basic number of points for completing a match and additional points are granted through point multipliers for achieving certain things in a match. For example, winning or getting a hundred pins down in bowling. The point total at the end adds up and once you have a hundred points, a little +1 appears over the gift symbol and you can use it to earn the item.

Now there are two ways to get points faster in Nintendo Switch Sports. The first and the recommended is by playing the match in Bowling sport. Because the base point for completing the match is 40 which is the highest base point of any other sport in the game. Every other sport gives the basic points of 30 on completion.

A normal Bowling game is around 10 minutes but it gives the most point than any other sport because the points multiplier you get from playing well will rack you up the points. You get 40 as a basic and if you perform well in the rank match then you get a multiplier of x2 making it 80 then if you have hit strikes in the game, five-spare, and scored 100 points, you’ll also get the bonus of those. Making the total points earned around 100 or even more than this. You can easily unlock 1 item after a single match.

The other quick way is Chambara sport. It takes the least amount of time to complete than any sport. One match of Chambara takes an average time of 3-4 minutes. The base points you get from playing the match are 30. You can get an attack bonus of a 1.1 multiplier and if you win, you’ll also get a 1.2 multiplier making it a total of 40 points. But if you want to rack up points quickly then you can just let the opponent hit you and knock you down. It’ll still give you 30 points for completing the match and if you play for like 12-13 minutes, you’ll unlock 1 item from the customization.

But before doing this technique make sure to switch to the casual mode so you don’t mess up your rank in the pro league.

These were the two quickest ways to earn points in Nintendo Switch Sports, you can try both of these and go with the one that suits you most.

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