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Nintendo Switch Sports: Unlock Customization



Nintendo Switch Sports: Unlock Customization

Nintendo Switch Sports gives you customization items but in order to get that there are some restrictions and requirements that you need to fulfill first. In this guide, we will tell you how exactly you can unlock the customization items in the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Unlock Customization

How to Unlock Customization

The first thing that you need to know is that the customization option is only online so if you want to get new outfits and equipment, you’ve got to have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. The local play option doesn’t allow you to earn points that are used to buy gifts.

As you get these items through online play, you get a basic amount of points for completing a match and additional points are granted through point multipliers for achieving certain things in a match. For example, winning or getting a hundred pins down in bowling. The point total at the end adds up and once you have a hundred points, a little +1 appears over the gift symbol and you can use it to earn the customization item.

Any leftover points from that hundred go towards your next hundred total so you don’t waste any points.

The other thing that we like to point out is that you cannot choose the particular item that you want from the item boards that are available. You’ll get a random reward from the item board that you select. The item boards are different for different people so not many people would unlock the same items as you. Once you have unlocked all the custom items from the item board, you’ll get a completion bonus with a new full outfit.

Each item board will tell you how long you have left to unlock it with a maximum of three weeks which gives plenty of time to play the game and get everything unlocked.

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