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Poppy Playtime: All VHS Tapes in Chapter 2



Poppy Playtime: All VHS Tapes in Chapter 2

VHS Tapes are the type of collectibles that you can collect in the Poppy Playtime game. These collectibles aren’t necessary to progress in the game. But the players who want to collect all the collectibles and see all the content of the game can surely collect these tapes. In this guide, we tell you where to find all the VHS Tapes in chapter 2.

The VHS Tapes have to be played on the VCR players to get the content of the Tapes. There is always a VCR player and a monitor near the Tape so, keep your eyes on that too.

Location of All VHS Tapes in Chapter 2

There are 7 VHS Tapes that you can find in Chapter 2. The locations of VHS Tapes are the following.

  • VHS Tape 1: The first tape can be found in Eliot Ludwig’s Office near the start of the game. It’ll be a Brown tape on the Desk in the office. This tape is a Biography of Eliot Ludwig.
  • VHS Tape 2: The second tape can be found on the central control panel within the small factory. It’ll be a Light Green tape on top of the control panel on the right side. This tape is a tutorial on Green Hand.
  • VHS Tape 3: The third tape can be found in the storage room. It’ll be a Cyan tape on the fallen ladder on the far-right side of the storage room. This tape is about Rich Avery.
  • VHS Tape 4: The fourth tape can be found at the start of the Barry Cart Puzzle. It’ll be a Blue tape lying on the floor directly next to a VCR player. This tape is about Marcus Brickley.
  • VHS Tape 5: The fifth tape can be found in the Water Treatment room. It’ll be a Green tape and it’ll be on the other side of the pool. You have to rotate the bridge 90 degrees to cross to the middle and then pick up the tape using the blue hand. This tape is about Jimmy Roth.
  • VHS Tape 6: The sixth tape can be found after the Bunzo Bunny production in the hidden locked switch. Go through the vents and cross to the other side using the blue hand. Now power the closed switch door using the blue hand and the closed switch will be open now grab the tape with the other hand. It’ll be a Red tape about Big Spider Warning.
  • VHS Tape 7: The last tape can be found after the Mommy’s Demise. It is unmissable because it will be lying on the stairs right before the VCR player. It’ll be a Black tape about Experiment 1006.

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