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Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising: How To Unlock Fishing Rod



Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising: How To Unlock Fishing Rod

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising has a crafting mechanic that let you craft different tools to use to harvest different resources. The main resources of this game are Lumber, Stones, Fish, Meat, and Mushrooms. In this guide, we tell you how can you unlock the fishing rod tool and the fishing place to harvest the fish.

Unlock Fishing Rod

The fishing rod tool can be gotten by an early quest in the game. Once you’ve unlocked Second Street in Outlander Lane, you’ll get a Profit Chasing quest from the NPC named Felipe. You can see this quest in the Bulletin Board of Outlander Lane. Go right from the Bulletin Board and go to Outlander Lane then keep heading right and you’ll see the Second Street marker. Head there and keep going right, you’ll come across a guy named Felipe. Talk to him and he will ask for your help to ask around in town for what would be the best business to start in this town.

Now you want to talk to three different NPCs in town. Go out from the Second Street and head left and you’ll see an NPC with a blue marker on top of his head, his name would be Aki, go and talk to him. Now after talking to him, you need to head right and the second person will be near the bridge. His name would be Olivier, go and talk to him. After talking to the second guy, head back to the left side and just outside Second Street, you’ll see the third person you need to talk to. Her name would be Viti, go and talk to her.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising: How To Unlock Fishing Rod

After talking to all of these three people, go back to Felipe in Second Street and tell her about what you found out from the people. He would appreciate your help and would open a Tool Shop. The quest will be over and you’ll get a Stamp, 500 Baqua, and 500 EXP as a reward for this quest.

You can use the Tool Shop of Felipe and craft yourself a Fishing Rod tool. The fishing rod tool requires 3 Lumber and 1000 Baqua to craft. Craft the fishing rod from the shop and now you can catch fish from the fishing spots in the game. There are three fishing spots in the game and each one of them is inside the dungeons. The places of fishing spots are The Great Forest, The Quarry, and The Runebarrows. You’ll unlock these places as you progress through the story.

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