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Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising: Get Me Some Furs Quest



Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising: Get Me Some Furs Quest

The Bulletin Board at the Plaza has all the available quests for you to complete. You get to see different quests from different characters in the game and by completing them you get rewards. In this guide, we tell you how to complete the Get Me Some Furs quest in the game.

Get Me Some Furs Quest

After seeing this quest on the Bulletin Board at the Plaza, you can talk to an NPC named Navia on the right side of the bulletin board. She’ll have a blue marker on top of her head so, you won’t miss it. Speak with her and start the quest. She would say she needs to make the warm clothes for the colder season so, she would need an Ebony Pelt.

You would get it from the Forest Cave in The Great Forest. Go to the signpost and fast travel to The Great Forest. After spawning, go to the signpost and fast travel to Forest Cave. Now you need to head down the cave, there’ll be some enemies so kill them and make your way down the cave and go to the right side down the cave. You’ll reach an arrow on the right, go past the arrow and you’ll need to defeat the Hellhound creature in order to get the Ebony Pelt. The hellhound has the guaranteed drop of the Pelt.

After defeating the Hellhound, it’ll drop the Pelt, grab the pelt and go to the signpost on the left. Fast travel to The Great Forest and then again fast travel to Plaza. Go to the Navia and speak with her to finish the quest and you’ll get a Stamp and 1000 EXP.

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