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Elden Ring: Everything about Master Lusat



Elden Ring: Everything about Master Lusat

In Elden Ring, there are various numbers of NPCs that you can interact with and they will ask you for a favor and in return give you a reward. As the world map of Elden Ring is enormous so you have to spend a lot of time exploring different regions of the world map. In this guide, we tell you about an NPC in the game that you can interact with.

Get to Know About Master Lusat

Master Lusat is actually a primeval sorcerer and he is in a hiding and no one knows about it so, in order to know his location, you have to interact with someone else. The person you need to talk to is Sellen, and she can be found in the Ruins Cellar location shown in the image. As you go down the cellar you have to fight a boss and then you can interact with Sellen.

Elden Ring: Everything about Master Lusat

Location of Master Lusat

Now if you talk to Sellen, she would give you a quest to complete but she would not give you the information on the location of Master Lusat because she doesn’t trust you yet. In order to know the location first, you need to get the Comet Azur Sorcery from the Primeval Sorcerer located in Mount Gelmir. After getting the Comet Azur you have to go to the waypoint Ruins Cellar and talk to Sellen and show her the special sorcery. Now she will know that you are a trustable person and a new option will be available for you to ask about another sorcerer. Ask her to find another primeval sorcerer. She’ll tell you there is another sorcerer by the name of Lusat. He is somewhere hidden. Sellen will give you a Seal breaker to find the Master Lusat who is held in Selia Hideaway Dungeon.

Elden Ring: Everything about Master Lusat

Go to the dungeon and go to the bottom floor, you’ll see the seal and there’ll be one sorcerer guarding the seal. Just kill the sorcerer and break the seal and you’ll find Master Lusat.


When you find Master Lusat, just talk to him and he will give you legendary sorcery named Stars of Ruin.

You can also get another item from him as well and that is after you completed Sellen’s quest. Go back to the place where you found him in Selia Hideway and there’ll be his Armor Set on his location that you can grab.

Elden Ring: Everything about Master Lusat

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