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Elden Ring: How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred



Elden Ring: How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred

The Elden Ring has some cool bosses in the game and other than the main story bosses, optional bosses are higher in number and if you want to defeat them you can do it just by encountering them. Some of the side bosses are a part of an NPC quest and some are just random bosses in some location or at the end of a dungeon. You do get gear and weapons from the side bosses, just like you get from the main bosses. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat one of the side bosses in Elden Ring named Black Blade Kindred.

Location of Black Blade Kindred

The Black Blade Kindred can be found in this very location. He’ll be at the entrance door of the Bestial Sanctum in the Dragonbarrow region.

Location of Black Blade Kindred

How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred

He’ll be guarding at the entrance of the Bestial Sanctum once you reach there, what you want to do is that call torrent and sprint towards the entrance and dodge the attack by jumping and when you reach inside there’ll be a site of grace there, discover the site and rest at it. Now his position will be reset and he’ll be facing the other way and you’ll be behind him. There is pretty much only 1 phase to this boss as he is an optional boss, so there won’t be any cutscenes in between fights so pretty much only 1 phase.

While you coming from behind him you can get a couple of heavy hits on him and roll back from him, if you are facing him from the front then you can’t attack him first, so it’s a pretty good advantage for damaging him first.

So, the attacks that he does is pretty simple to dodge but you have to time it right and you can actually dodge it and can easily get a hit or two onto him. One of the few attacks that he does is a shockwave, you just have to roll aside from the wave and after the wave, he would do a three-hit combo with the sword. You can pretty much dodge by rolling back the first two hits and on the third hit, you can dodge into him and can tag him with a few hits and just roll back from him. He would do some rush attacks on you but they are random and pretty easy to dodge as well, when you see him rushing towards you, you just have to dodge into him and you can land a heavy attack on him.

When he switches his weapon to the Axe, it would be easier to dodge. The attack that he does with the axe weapon is that he would do a flying dive on you and as he comes down on you just dodge into him and get a hit on him. Sometimes he would land two shots on you just randomly just dodge it by rolling back you don’t have to aggress that attack. He will also rush you with axe into the ground jump and slam again into the ground so, you dodge as he rushing towards you and as he jumps you can dodge into him because the second attack would be delayed and you can easily tag him. One more attack that he would do with the axe is that he would jump up and swing the axe. He would swing two times and hit it on the ground while he’s swinging you just need to dodge into it and by the time he would slam it on the ground you would be behind him and you can land some heavy attacks.

How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred

He would switch his weapons from time to time and he would repeat his attacks you can dodge the rush attacks that are random and for the rush attacks that you see coming, you can dodge right into him and deal some damage. That would be all of his attacks and you can just let him attack you first and dodge his attacks and hit him. He’ll be dead a few minutes into the fight.


After you’ve defeated him, you’ll get 88,000 Runes, Gargoyle’s Black blade, and Gargoyles Black Halberd.

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