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Elden Ring: How to defeat Elemer of the Briar



Elden Ring: How to defeat Elemer of the Briar

In Elden Ring, you’ll encounter many bosses which can be the main story boss or side optional boss you get good loot from either of them. There are different places and castles in Elden Ring that you have to find in order to encounter some optional bosses. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat the one of the Great Enemy Bosses in the game, he is an optional boss named Elemer of the Briar.

Location of Elemer of the Briar

Elemer of the Briar is in the Shaded Castle which is in the Altus Plateau region. Once you have the map of the Altus Plateau you can see this castle surrounded by something green stuff but it’s actually poison all around the castle and inside the castle. So, you really have to make your way very carefully through the castle to get to the Elemer of the Briar.

Elden Ring: How to defeat Elemer of the Briar

How to Defeat Elemer of the Briar

To beat this boss, you want to move really freely and not heavy so a both-handed heavy sword will not come in handy in this fight because he’ll always catch you with his attacks. So, what you want to do is move back to a single-handed sword with a shield on the other hand reason is that this boss does not stagger easily by any means and he can attack very quickly so unless you have armor with high poise or you just have a high poise rating.

Now for his attacks, this boss has a sword that he can throw around and the sword will attack you by itself. When he does this his sword turns red and it attacks you so just have to dodge it for long as it attacks you. It doesn’t always necessarily mean that he’s going to throw it but it does mean that he’s going to do some extra damage with it so your best option is to avoid it and move around.

Now when he’s holding the sword it won’t be red and you can attack him and move around him and he can also be parried in this situation when his sword is not red. You have to take an advantage of this situation and deal damage to him. Focus on his attack also because sometimes he lands some shots with a red sword and these attacks can’t be parried so you have to be very focused in this fight.

He will shield dash somewhat often in this fight and there is a 50% chance that with the shield dash he can also enhance the shield and do a really big second shock wave so you have to be on the lookout for that also. Don’t aggress him too much after the shield dash because he can do a shock wave and it’ll deal you great damage. To know when he’s about to do the shield dash, you’ll notice that he puts his shoulder towards you and does not attack for half a second meaning he’s about to shield dash towards you. You can just dodge it just by rolling aside and you can land a hit or two but don’t aggress much.

After the shield dash, he would also take a second to put his shield on his back that is when you want to deal damage to him and if you are able to stun him then you can hold the heavy attack and deal a great amount of damage to him.

He also has a grab attack where his hand will glow red and he’ll try to catch you, if you get caught in this, he’ll catch you and his sword will hit you hard and it does great damage so if you see his red hand just dodge it. That’s more like his combo where he would shield dash towards you do the shock wave and then he would throw his sword and try to catch you with the hand. When he is ending his combo with the forward stab you can literally walk onto his right side and deal damage to him.

That would be all for his attacks you just don’t want to fight aggressively with this boss because he attacks quickly so you just kind of want to move around dodge the attack get a hit or two onto him and when you stun him just land a heavy attack.


When you defeated this Great Enemy, you do get a Legendary Weapon which is Marais Executioner’s Sword. You’ll also get the Briar Greatshield and 24,000 Runes.

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