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Eresys Review – A Lovecraftian Horror Experience



Eresys Review – A Lovecraftian Horror Experience

Eresys is an online co-op/offline single-player horror game inspired by H.P Lovecraft set in a world filled with horror elements of Lovecraftian developed by Ares Dragonis and published by Drogonis Games. The game allows players to either play in single-player mode or host a game to invite up to 3 players. It offers a dark horror world filled with various kinds of monsters and puts players in the position of Cultists to open a portal to eliminate the horrors from the universe. This is our review of Eresys (Early Access).


The story of Eresys takes place in a heavily inspired universe of Lovecraftian elements in which a cultist or a group of cultists step in to prevent the horrors. The players’ main goal is to find the site of the ritual and place several pages of the book that each player holds to start the ritual and spawn the monster so, that they can eliminate him by working together.


Eresys is currently in an Early Access state but the gameplay feels smooth and responsive. The general controls are easy to grasp and don’t feel clunky like many other early-access games. All the tools that players will get to bring on their terrified adventure help a lot in the progression of their main objective.

As players begin the adventure, they will have to start looking for the pages scattered around the world. Each player can hold 8 pages at a time and they will have to contribute them to the ritual site to hold more as they explore more of the world. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to gather all the pages quickly as the game will throw monsters on your way from time to time that you must counter to survive and continue.

Countering the monsters will require you to use the tools or get as far from the monsters to prevent visual impairments. Getting close to the monsters will cause visual impairments that make survival difficult for the players. It is much more difficult while playing Solo but if you are playing with friends then others can help you get free haunted by the monster.

Apart from the main objective of the game, players will find various other items that must be put at their specific location causing a unique event to take place in the world. Exploring the world thoroughly will allow players to engage in every possible event and encounter various monsters which will enhance their overall experience for the game instead of just performing the ritual and defeating the monster.

Sound and Visuals

Eresys’ World is designed greatly and it portrays the feeling of supernatural occurrences and monsters just by stepping into it. The dark-themed world with terrifying melody music in the background enhances the experience of Lovecraftian elements and as players walk into the open fields, the music changes to the hustling wind sounds that match greatly with the gameplay.

Verdict – Score 7/10

Eresys is a decent horror game that provides an immersive experience of preventing horrors from taking over the world by performing a ritual. However, the game should be played with friends to have a true experience of this great adventure as playing Solo can sometimes make you feel like a blank person in a terrifying world. It is because there isn’t much information or tutorials that the game provides and it requires players to work on their own to overcome the horrors.

Eresys (Early Access) is now available on PC (Steam).

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