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PowerWash Simulator Review



PowerWash Simulator Review

In the gaming genre of simulation, you will find various games simulating a specific role in our daily lives or not. These games are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but the simplicity that these games provide does put players in a relaxing spot. PowerWash Simulator developed by FuturLab and published by Square Enix is a perfect example of a relaxing game that puts players in the position of owner of a power washing service owner whose job is to clean various dirty environments.  

Plot & Premise

Like most simulation games, PowerWash Simulator does not have a story but provides a career mode that contains a unique plot happening off-screen. The plot of the game gives an idea of an active volcano in the city that constantly rains ash and your job is to clean the environments covered in ash substance with the help of a washer.


The gameplay of PowerWash Simulator is as straightforward as washing off a stain from a metal sheet. Anyone can understand the premise and gameplay simply in one look as there is nothing else than just washing the Ash stains from the environments for which you got the job. You will start with washing your van which is a small and easy job but the very next job is to wash a backyard.

You will be using a washer to spray water on the stains and move around the objects to clean every stain. The main objective is to fully clean the area with 100% and you cannot miss any particle of stain. It is best to start the job from one corner and make your way ahead by cleaning every portion.

Completing the job will earn you money through which you will be able to upgrade your washers and range of washers that are essential for future jobs in the career mod. The scale of the jobs will only increase indulging you to wash off the stain for almost an hour on a single job.

The total playthrough of the career mod will take place anywhere between 20 – 22 hours offering various stages to clean which makes it completely repetitive for this long cleaning endeavor.


The visuals of PowerWash Simulator are close to many other simulation games which fits perfectly with the simple gameplay. However, there are some decent details about the washing mechanics that you will get to witness.

There aren’t any rushing moments in the game which allows you to relax with your favorite music or audiobook in the background while cleaning in a pleasant environment.

Verdict – Score 8/10

PowerWash Simulator is a great simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a Power Washer and immerses the experience as players clean large-scale environments to earn money. It offers a cozy and relaxing experience that any player will enjoy only if they like such simulation games.

PowerWash is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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