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Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries: Review



Varenje - Don't Touch the Berries: Review

Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Play Cute and published by JoyBits. It offers a beautifully hand-drawn world where players will get to encounter various puzzles that they must overcome to unravel the story of obsessed Varenje with berries.


The story of Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries begins in a cozy cottage where Varenje is spending summer happily but Varenje ends up sampling a mysterious berry beside the stream. Since he is obsessed with berries and wants to add another berry to his collection, the berry transforms Varenje into the size of a bug allowing him to see the world on a much bigger scale.


The gameplay of Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries is purely a Point-and-Click adventure game that requires you to find useful items from the hand-drawn areas of the enlarged world and store them in the inventory space on the right side of the screen. These items are of great use and essential for progressing to the next areas as they are used to solve various puzzles and events that occur throughout the chapters.

Speaking of chapters, there are 8 chapters in total and each chapter offers unique areas of the world drawn beautifully. Each of the areas requires you to search it thoroughly as the items are well-hidden. However, if you feel stuck in an area and can’t seem to find the required items, you can use the hint option as well located on the top left corner of the screen.

Asking for a hint will start a unique block game that requires you to place the squares on the berries by moving them in the Up, Down, Left, and Right directions. Apart from the mini-games, the puzzles in this game have a decent variety and some of them will require you to find the differences between two similar photos.


The world crafted in Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries is actually what sells it the most. Each represented area in the game is hand-drawn which looks beautiful with the soothing music and the sound design that enhances the overall experience.

The cutscenes within each chapter are also beautifully crafted which leads players close to finding out a way to get Varenje back to the original figure.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries is a beautiful cozy point-and-click adventure game that nails the gameplay and visuals aspect of the game beautifully. However, there are some concerns about the story of the game as sometimes the dialogue taking place among the characters nothing have to do with the actual story. Expect some minor bugs as I run into some requiring me to restart from the area again but nothing too game-breaking. It is perfect for casual game lovers as well as the ones who look for some challenges neglecting the hint and help options of the game.

Varenje – Don’t Touch the Berries is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, PC, and macOS.

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