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House Flipper 2 Review



House Flipper 2 - Review

The House Flippers jobs are back who want to make a living out of their beloved profession in a small town and help out the people who need assistance with their residence or business place. House Flipper 2 offers an authentic house flipper experience to the players along with a Sandbox mode where they can move freely and build whatever kind of house they want. The developer of House Flipper 2, Frozen District has kept everything from the original game and added several new tools and mechanics for players to experience.


House Flipper 2 does indeed have a story mode in which players will take the role of a brokie individual looking for jobs related to house flipping in the peaceful town of Pinnacove. It happens to be luck on your side and your friend hooks you up with a cleaning job of a house allowing you to make your first earning in a long time. As you progress through the jobs and help out the citizens with their needs related to residence and business places, you will soon take the actual place of a house flipper who buys and sells houses.


House Flipper 2 offers several tools each for a unique service that you will be using throughout the main jobs in the story mode as well as in the Sandbox Mode to build your dream house or practice the mechanics. From cleaning the house with the scrubs to demolishing the walls and building them, all of it is your responsibility to become a trusted house flipper in the town.

The starting tools for you will be Scrub, Trash Bags, and the Flipper Tool that you will be using for a couple of starting jobs in the town. All the stains on the walls and the floor are cleaned by using the Scrub whereas, the leftovers and garbage are cleaned by putting them in the trash bags, and all the junk items can be sold for additional money using the Flipper Tool.

As you progress through the jobs, you will be introduced to new tools such as Paint Rollers, Wiring Tools, Flooring Tools, and Hammer. You will be able to paint the walls using the Paint Rollers, set up the wires for the light bulbs and electric appliances from the main switch using the wiring tools, theme a wall or floor using the flooring tools, and demolish a wall to build it again using the Hammer.

Each tool has its own progression level which will help you earn a Perk Point after reaching the threshold. Once you have gained a Perk Point, you can unlock a perk for that respective tool from the Perks tab in the menu. Unlocking the perks of a tool can give you certain advantages that can both help in jobs and make money.

Apart from the story mode, the Sandbox gives a completely immersive experience as players get full mobility in both building a house from scratch as well as decorating a pre-built one. The Sandbox mode allows players to go in a flying mode by double pressing the spacebar key which also allows them to go through walls and items.


The visuals of House Flipper 2 are somewhat similar to other simulation games but it does offer crisp edges and better visualization of the items that clearly show the enhancement from the original game. The classic first-person view for house flipping jobs is perfect to soak in the experience.

Verdict – Score 8/10

House Flipper 2 is definitely an improved product than the original game as it does not contain any cleaning bugs like the previous game where you would have to find the last garbage item in a room for several minutes. It contains all the classic mechanics from the original game and also offers it unique ones for players to experience.

House Flipper 2 is now available on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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